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Business litigation is the process of resolving legal disputes through negotiation or court. Some situations where business litigation is needed include shareholder disputes, contract disputes, fraudulent transfers, breach of contract, and corporation dissolutions.

Our experienced trial lawyers can help you evaluate the business dispute that you are facing, and give you advice on the best course to resolve the dispute in a manner favorable to you. We have experience against some of the top corporations in the country and promise to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Understanding Business Litigation Matters

Disputes between businesses often arise in the course of business. Some of these disputes are simple; many of them are complex and involve hundreds if not thousands of pages of documents. As with any other case, an experienced trial lawyer can help you evaluate the business dispute that you are facing and give you advice on the best course to pursue to resolve the dispute in a manner favorable to you.

Business disputes can arise in any number of contexts. Just a few of these are vendor/supplier, franchise/franchisee, and insured/insurer relationships. If you would like to contact us about a possible business tort case, please click here.

Business Litigation Cases

Remember that each case is tried on its own merits and that a successful result in one case does not guarantee a successful result in your case.

Arthur Green as district attorney of Jefferson County, Bessemer Division v. The Lloyd Noland Foundation, Inc.

Settlement of $40 million (Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Bessemer Division, 2004). A quo warranto lawsuit was brought on behalf of the State of Alabama against The Lloyd Noland Foundation, Inc, a non-profit corporation, to force LNF to abide by the terms of their original charter which emphasized providing medical care in West Jefferson County. The case settled with LNF agreeing to spend $40 million over ten years in West Jefferson County.

Alabama Farmers Cooperative v. Bobby Davis, et al.

Verdict of $15,400,000. A jury awarded $9,600,000 in compensatory damages and $5,800,000 in punitive damages (Circuit Court of Morgan County, 2003). Dixieland Trucking, a division of Alabama Farmers Cooperative, brought this case against its former general manager and several companies with whom the manager had business dealings.

The former manager admitted embezzlement, falsifying financial statements, and deceiving management at Alabama Farmers Cooperative. Davis leased unneeded trucks from defendants and then hid leases from his own bosses. Defendants attempted to purchase Dixieland when deceptions were uncovered.

Plaintiff brought suit under claims of fraud, intentional interference with business relations, breach of fiduciary duty, and other claims. The verdict came after a three-week trial.

Deaton v. Confidential Defendant

Settlement of $6,000,000 (Etowah County, 1997). This was a products liability/breach of contract case between two businesses – stemming from the faulty design of flatbed trailers which were supposed to be used to transport coils of steel.

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