Nursing Home, Student and Mental Health Care Abuse & Neglect

The primary focus of firm attorney Tommy James’ practice is representing victims of abuse and neglect, including individuals who have been raped, sexually assaulted, or sexually abused. Tommy also represents the families of individuals who have been incapacitated or killed as a result of abuse and/or neglect. The victims in these cases are often our most vulnerable citizens, including children/teens, children/teens in foster care, the mentally disabled, the mentally ill, and the elderly. These incidents of abuse and neglect can occur anywhere, but they often occur in group homes, foster homes, schools, mental health facilities, state facilities, nursing homes, and other residential facilities. Children and teens in the foster care system are at especially high risk of being abused and neglected because of their emotional vulnerability and their sense of helplessness. Former foster children may be reluctant to step forward and seek prosecution for the abuse/neglect inflicted upon them while they were in foster care because of the following reasons:

1) Their false belief that they were somehow responsible for the abuse/neglect

2) Their desire to just “forget about it or “leave it in the past” because the memories and experiences were so traumatizing; or

3) Their perception is that they must have a lot of money to seek representation and prosecute the perpetrators of their abuse.

Tommy sensitively works with these former foster youth “survivors”, as well as other individuals who have experienced abuse and neglect, reassuring them of their rights and offering them a sense of empowerment through prosecution. Tommy has had a high level of success handling these types of cases, having received settlements and verdicts totaling approximately $20 million over the last few years. This practice area is very specialized and Tommy has handled more of these types of cases than any other attorney in the State of Alabama. Tommy also represents victims of abuse and neglect in other states. If you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect, including sex crimes, contact us today.