Blevins v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.

In July, 2013, Plaintiff Blevins accompanied her daughter to a Publix Super Market in Birmingham, AL to pick up a few items her daughter needed for lunch and dinner. Plaintiff Blevins was walking through the deli department to join her daughter at the deli counter when she slipped and fell in an area of the floor that was slick due to spilled or discharged liquid. Plaintiff Blevins suffered a right patella fracture; blurred vision; and pain in her neck, shoulder, arms and hands, as well as numbness in her hands and fingers. Plaintiff Blevins underwent several surgeries to repair her injuries: repair of her broken right kneecap; release of her left trigger thumb, which was caused by her use of a walker and crutches while recovering from her broken kneecap; carpal tunnel surgery on her right wrist, which was also caused from use of the walker and crutches; and, finally, a total right knee replacement.