Carter v. Taurus Companies

In July, 2016, a federal judge in Miami gave final approval to a class action product defect settlement against firearms manufacturer Forjas Taurus and Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. (Taurus). The settlement requires Taurus to do four (4) things for class members: (1) allow them to return class pistols at no cost to themselves for cash payment ranging up to $200, depending on how many pistols each class member returns; (2) make available special and particularized safety and related training available to all class members; (3) modify its existing warranty for all class pistols to allow any owners of any class pistol to submit a warranty claim at any time to have the class pistol inspected and, if necessary, repaired by Taurus at no cost to the class member; and (4) allows owners to return their class pistol and exchange it for a new Generation 2 (G2) pistol with the new safety system.