Meet George L. Beck Jr.

George L. Beck Jr.After serving 6 years as the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, Mr. George L. Beck Jr. joined the Morris Haynes team. Based out of the Alexander City office, Mr. Beck practices civil and criminal law and also handles Federal Tort Claims and Whistleblower Claims.

Who is George Beck?

Mr. Beck is a graduate of Auburn University and the University of Alabama School of Law. He retired as a Judge Advocate General with the rank of Colonel from the Alabama National Guard and is a former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Alabama.

Mr. Beck divides his time handling civil and criminal cases.  He received a multi-million-dollar jury verdict against one of the “big three” accounting firms and has successfully defended many public officials accused of white-collar crimes, from County Commissioners to the Governor.

Services and experience

Whenever legal issues arise, it is especially important to have experienced representation. Mr. Beck provides not only years of expertise but has an impeccable reputation of getting excellent results for his clients in any legal situation.

Federal Tort Claims

Mr. Beck has received a $25 million verdict on behalf of his clients in a Federal Tort Claims case where he sued the United States for injuries received by hospital negligence committed on several newborn children.  Federal Tort Claims are especially difficult because they require the government entity to acknowledge that it, or its employee, behaved wrongfully or negligently. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced attorney like Mr. Beck representing you in these complex claims.

Whistleblower Claims

In many cases, having an experienced attorney means protection for the client. This is especially true with Whistleblower Claims. A Whistleblower Claim is a report made by an individual who finds unethical or illegal activity taking place within their company, or in the case of a government employee, within the government. These claims are very important for ensuring that companies and governments are held accountable for their actions. While there are several laws in place designed to protect a Whistleblower from retaliation by their employer, you need an experienced attorney like Mr. Beck to walk you through the process and apply those laws.

Criminal Defense

As a former Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Beck is no stranger to any sector of the law. In addition to his civil and federal experience, he has spent over fifty years practicing criminal law. It is in the best interest of individuals who are potentially facing incarceration to hire an attorney like Mr. Beck who is familiar with this complicated practice area. Mr. Beck has handled many different types of criminal cases including but not limited to murder, fraud, theft and drugs.

How to contact

If you would like to contact Mr. Beck for more information about his experience or services, you can reach him at the Morris Haynes Alexander City office at (205) 973-6915