Who is Tom F. Young Jr.?

Tom Young Jr. HeadshotTom F. Young Jr. serves “of counsel” from Morris Haynes’ Alexander City office. He joined the firm’s team in 2019 after 18 years as Circuit Judge in the 5th Judicial Circuit of Alabama. Outside of Morris Haynes’ traditional areas of practice, he adds a few services that are unique to him. These include the handling of criminal cases, domestic and family cases, and mediation.

Who is Tom Young?

Tom Young is an Alabama native by way of Alexander City. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama and received his Juris Doctorate from the Birmingham School of Law.

While in undergraduate and law school he worked for several notable Chief Justices and Judges, including Chief Justice C.C. “Bo” Tolbert, Chief Justice Howell Heflin, and Judge Charles Nice. He went on to handle the plaintiff’s work and serve as a City Prosecutor, Special Referee in Family Court, Special District Court Judge, Municipal Court Judge, and Probate Judge for Tallapoosa County.

Services and experience

Having an experienced attorney is important for any legal situation and Tom Young provides many years of expertise to all of his clients.

Criminal Law Work

As a criminal law attorney, he has over 30 years of experience. This is important because criminal law can be considered the scariest and most complicated area of law as it involves potential incarceration. However, an experienced lawyer can help guide someone through the system. Tom Young has handled everything from misdemeanors to capital murder cases in the District Courts and Circuit Courts throughout the State of Alabama.

Family/Domestic Court

On a more personal scale, he is also experienced in family and domestic relations. This is important because these cases are usually the most emotional. When a person is looking for a family attorney to handle things such as a divorce or the custody of a child, their main focus is having someone who is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable.


While Tom Young has many years of experience inside of the courtroom, he is not limited to it. He has also served as a mediator for parties who are looking to settle a dispute outside of court. His experience as a former Judge also plays a major role in this as the most important quality of a mediator is his or her ability to be impartial.

No matter the area of practice, Tom Young’s experience helps ensure that his clients are not only comfortable but well represented, in what is most likely unknown territory for them.

How to contact

If you would like to contact Tom F. Young Jr. for more information about his experience or services, you can reach him at the Morris Haynes Alexander City office at (205) 973-6915