Happy Holidays from MH Law

Many will agree that the holiday season is “the most wonderful time of year,” but what that looks like changes overtime. This season as adults can be filled with unnecessary stress and worry in an effort to create the “perfect” holiday season for family. With all that 2020 has been, the Morris Haynes team is here to remind you to focus on the more important things, creating memories.

The warm and fuzzy feeling many of us connect to the holiday season most likely began with traditions as a child. This year the MH team took a trip down memory lane and shared some of their favorite holiday childhood memories.

Almost every attorney mentioned family gatherings some small and intimate like sitting in front of the fireplace on Christmas day. Others on larger scales with aunt, uncles, and first cousins singing Christmas carols around the piano. Then there’s attorney Luke Trammell who remembers being too excited to sleep on Christmas eve as he waited to see what Santa brought him the next day.

Of course, now things tend to look and feel a little different. Most of the attorneys have families of their own and admit that they better understand the stress that can come with the holiday season. A feeling that may be a little heavier for many this year.

2020 is the perfect year to prioritize family.  In the words of attorney Todd Wheeles “The most important job we have is to be a great leader for our family,” and nothing speaks to being a leader more than quality time spent with family.

After all, if 2020 has taught us nothing else it has taught us all to appreciate the simpler things. Happy Holidays from Morris Haynes Law.