Can Clay Hornsby Help You?

Clay Hornsby HeadshotAttorney Clay Hornsby returns to the Morris Haynes team after serving as the Deputy Director of the Alabama Law Institute in Tuscaloosa.  While in Tuscaloosa, Clay also coached the University of Alabama School of Law’s Trial Competition team. Clay practices in the firm’s Alexander City office.  Clay’s experience of trying cases in front of a jury, combined with his experience as a trial competition team coach, makes him a unique asset to the Morris Haynes team.

Who is Clay Hornsby?

The son of an attorney and Judge, Clay Hornsby is no stranger to the world of law. In fact, he credits his initial interest in law to his father. As a child Clay remembers assisting him with preparation for cases and even attending court a few times. This exposure, in addition to the regular family debates around the dinner table, ignited a desire in him to study law.

Services and Experience

Clay is a two-time alumnus of the University of Alabama. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in General Business from the University and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Alabama School of Law. He has clerked and served as an associate attorney under several notable trial lawyers.

During his first eleven years as an attorney with Morris Haynes, Clay focused largely on insurance fraud cases.   However, laws changed and today he largely focuses on product defect, negligence, tractor-trailer, and misrepresentation cases.

Clay prioritizes authenticity. He knows it is not uncommon for many to consider attorneys as insincere, and because of that, he makes a conscious effort to not only make a genuine connection with his clients but juries as well when in the courtroom.  He prides himself on being personable and relatable and does not attempt to grandstand.

Clay has over 30 years of practice experience but he believes his decision to take two and a half years off from the practice of law has changed his perspective. Now his sole purpose for returning to personal injury work is to help others who have legal issues and better serve humanity.

How to Contact

If you would like to contact Clay Hornsby you can reach him at the Morris Haynes Alexander City office at (205) 973-6915