A New Partner On The Rise

Matthew Garmon HeadshotAfter just five years of working as an associate attorney at Morris Haynes, Matthew Garmon has made partner. Matt practices out of the firm’s Birmingham office and has dedicated his time to giving a voice to victims and the families of victims who have been wronged by large companies, corporations, and manufacturers. Matt’s passion for helping others is a unique strength and an asset for the Morris Haynes team.

Who is Matt Garmon?

Matt was influenced to pursue a career as an attorney through a combination of his personal experiences growing up in Bremen, Alabama, a small community in Cullman County, and by a general interest in the law and how it helps to shape our society. Though he did not know any lawyers growing up, and is the first attorney in his family, Matt is no stranger to hard work. Matt’s mother is a dedicated registered nurse, and his father is a residential excavator. Matt spent many days in the hot summer months using his hands to help in his dad’s excavating business.

Matt went on to graduate high school as the valedictorian of his class and continued his education at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (UA) where he received degrees in economics and general business.

While at UA he met his wife Anna Kathryn and made the life changing decision to become a lawyer.

Services and Experience

After UA, he attended law school at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law and went on to compete on Cumberland’s nationally recognized trial team. This gave Matt the unique experience of presenting both criminal and civil mock trials. The thrill of having to think on his feet and being able to balance reason with empathy to connect with the jury was ultimately what led him to become a trial lawyer with Morris Haynes.

Over the past five years, Matt has worked on several notable cases. His cases have included rideshare litigation against companies like Uber and Lyft, wrongful death cases against trucking companies across the United States, and defective firearm cases all across the country. Matt is incredibly proud to work at a firm that provides hope to its clients and that genuinely cares about each of them as human beings.

What’s Next?

Making partner has been one of Matt’s goals since he began practicing law at Morris Haynes. Now that he has achieved that goal he looks forward to continuing to help the individuals wronged by big businesses, corporations, manufacturers, and insurance companies. Matt is hopeful that when he looks back on his time at the firm in another five or maybe ten years that he will have done his part to make the world just a little bit safer.

How to Contact

If you would like to contact Matt Garmon you can reach him at the Morris Haynes Birmingham office at (205) 973-6915