George Beck Files Medical Malpractice Case in Troup County, Ga

Medical Malpractice Case Involving an Improperly Placed Gastrostomy Tube

Mr. George Beck recently filed a medical malpractice case in Troup County, GA for negligence in the treatment of a patient against the involved:

  • Nursing home
  • Nursing home staff
  • Hospital
  • And doctors

Upon being admitted to the nursing home, the staff:

  1. Negligently accessed the patient for nutritional and fluid deficits
  2. Negligently failed to accurately evaluate her respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, and integumentary systems in the clinical setting of two abdominal surgeries and a new percutaneous gastrostomy tube placement.
  3. Negligently failed to monitor and allowed her condition to become critical, devastating, and irreversible.
  4. This treatment combined with the Hospital and Doctor’s negligence in connection with the placement of a percutaneous gastrostomy tube due to the surgeon failing to pre-test the area of insertion, failing to locate the tube properly in the stomach, but instead, negligently placing the tube in her colon.
  5. After placement in the wrong location, failed to confirm the location of the tube.

The combined negligence allowed caused the patient to suffer from food blockage, lack of appetite, and sepsis, ultimately leading to her death.

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