Explosions and Fire

The worst injuries that a person can suffer are burn injuries. The painful burns can take months to heal, and if they are serious enough, even after they are healed they can affect a person for the rest of their life. Explosions and fires occur for a number of reasons; sometimes they happen because of human error, but sometimes they happen because an appliance malfunctions, wiring defects or gas line problems. Cases involving explosions and fires are particularly difficult because much of the evidence that you would expect to use to prove your case is destroyed in the fire. We have the experience and resources necessary to deal with these difficult cases. If you would like to contact us about a possible explosion and fire case, pleaseĀ click here.

Linda Watts v. Alabama Gas Company, et al.

Settlement of $15,300,000 (Macon County, 1996). This case involved the deaths of four young children by a fire caused by a faulty gas heater. The firm obtained evidence that there had been a gas leak in the house which had been reported by Mrs. Watts but was investigated by the gas company.

Administratrices of three estates v. Defendant corporations

Settlements of $5,250,000 (Jefferson County Circuit Court, 2006). Along with another law firm represented the estates of three people who died as a result of a fire caused by a leak from a corroded gas service line. The pipe had corroded over the years allowing gas to escape to the point that the pipe was “tin-foil” thin which caused small cracks allowing gas to escape which combined with an ignition source to cause the fire and the death of the individuals.

Macon v. Anonymous

Settlement of $5,000,000 (Macon County, 2005). This case involved a lady who was killed when a fire occurred involving a gas system. Plaintiff’s allegations included negligence and failure to act pursuant to accepted codes and regulations.

Remember that each case is tried on its own merits, and that a successful result in one case does not guarantee a successful result in your case.