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Teen Violently Abused at SafetyNet Youth Services in Alabama

Attorney-Partner Jeremy Knowles of Morris Haynes Attorneys at Law – joined by Tommy James Law – is representing a teenage boy, called only Xavier for confidentiality, who was violently abused at SafetyNet Youth Services in Minter, Alabama. According to the lawsuit, Xavier was beaten multiple times, once knocked unconscious, and permanently injured by staff members and other residents. With the help of Attorney Knowles, he and his family are demanding compensation and justice in a claim against the facility and SafetyNet. The goal of the case is to force SafetyNet to improve its facilities, as well as protect other kids from suffering abuse in the future.

Details of the SafetyNet Abuse Case

Xavier stayed at the SafetyNet facility in Minter for several months in 2018. SafetyNet claims to provide safe, loving, and educational facilities for teens and children who require mental health care for a variety of issues and complications, such as Xavier’s autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other conditions.

However, from the beginning, Xavier was unsafe at SafetyNet. The children there lived in constant fear of physical, emotional, and mental abuse by staff and other residents. Often residents were encouraged and rewarded to be violent, the lawsuit states.

According to Xavier’s lawsuit, rampant issues at the SafetyNet facility included:

  • Drug use: Staff members allegedly provided cigarettes, marijuana, e-cigarettes, and other forms of contraband to residents and sometimes used these substances with the children.
  • Gambling: Residents were not only able to gamble with their possessions at the facility, but they usually gambled with staff members.
  • Encouraged violence: Xavier claims that staff members would offer extra food to teens who would violently attack other targeted residents who had slighted or unknowingly upset the staff.
  • Unhygienic conditions: Hygiene at the SafetyNet facility was a low priority. Xavier personally suffered from bed bugs.

Life-Changing Injuries Suffered in a Moment

During his multi-month stay, Xavier was allegedly assaulted by staff members and residents so frequently that he lost track. His worst injuries were suffered when he was playing a game of cards with a staff member who became enraged at his play style. Without warning, the grown man – who was nearly a foot taller and almost 100 pounds heavier than Xavier – picked him up and slammed him to the floor.

This violent outburst caused Xavier to suffer:

  • Temporary unconsciousness due to head trauma
  • Severe head injury requiring staples and stitches
  • Cracked growth plate in his neck

Xavier’s injuries will never fully heal. He will always suffer from chronic pain, partial neck immobility, and other complications due to the attack by SafetyNet.

Seeking Justice for Xavier

Our team at Morris Hayes Attorneys at Law is proud to stand up for the wrongfully injured, especially when the victim of senseless violence is an innocent child. We are confident that we will be able to secure justice for Xavier and fair compensation for him and his family. We are hopeful that the outcome of the lawsuit will also bring immediate change to SafetyNet’s hiring, safety, and employment review policies. Our children deserve better. We intend to fight for them!

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