woman on the phone after a car accident

What Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You

When dealing with insurance companies after a car accident, you should know their typical ways of responding. It’s vital to remember that these are large corporations in a billion-dollar industry. Unfortunately, they aim to protect their profits after a collision, and they use many tactics to deny or minimize car accident claims.

Here are some things insurance companies won’t tell you during the process:

They Know the Answers to Questions They Ask

Insurance adjusters often ask claimants many questions about the accident, their injuries, and more. They often know the answers to questions they ask during this process, but they want to see what you’ll say. If they can get you to contradict what they know, they may use this against you.

They Can Use Your Recorded Statement Against You

You have the right to have a lawyer for the recorded statement. Insurance adjusters can use your recorded statement against you, so even the simplest mistake can be detrimental to your claim. A lawyer can help you provide this statement with only the necessary facts about your accident to protect you from a devious tactic.

They Delay Claims to Take Advantage of a Vulnerable Situation

Insurance companies know that you need funds after a crash. You have specific needs, and obtaining compensation can help with your expenses. By delaying your claim, insurance companies hope that you will accept whatever settlement they offer just so that you can have money. Don’t accept anything without speaking to your lawyer first.

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