Morris Haynes Exposes Serial Fraudster, Keeps Plaintiff Case Alive

Morris Haynes, one of the nation’s most trusted personal injury law firms, recently exposed a serial fraudster in Alabama. Not only did Attorneys George Beck and Nancy Eady expose the fraudster's misdeeds that specifically targeted parents and their children, but they also helped preserve a plaintiff’s lawsuit against the fraudster. It was revived by the Supreme Court of Alabama and can now go to trial.

Details of the Drug Test Fraudster Case

For more than two years, Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) case workers relied on fraudulent lab results to justify removing children from their parents and limiting visitation. In the case in question, two parents were accused of using methamphetamines, so they submitted to a drug test conducted by the fraudsters. When the results unexpectedly came back positive, the parents paid for a drug test from another clinic, which predictably returned negative.

Rather than conducting further testing or researching the original tests, the fraudulent results were upheld. This decision restricted the parents’ ability to see their children. It also completely disrupted their reputations in the community, which, in turn, significantly hurt the profits of their small business.

Later, the fraudster would confess to fraud crimes and be sentenced to prison. This development led the parents to take legal action against the fraudster that had ruined their lives. A legal back-and-forth went in favor of the fraudster, who was trying to dismiss the claim. At that point, the case was appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court, where Morris Haynes could use their remarkable legal talents to help the wronged parents.

Successful Appeal in a High Court

Through careful research and investigations, Attorneys George Beck and Nancy Eady persuaded the Alabama Supreme Court to reverse the dismissal of the parents’ case that had challenged the Henry County DHR's reliance on the phony drug tests. Beck explained that, despite numerous negative tests taken from third-party and court drug testers, DHR continued to rely on an unqualified tester that had lied about her lab and medical affiliations. The only investigation into the qualifications and business association of the tester by the County was to require her to sign a W-9 for employment, which is not an investigation at all. The high court sent the case back to Dale County for a trial.

This complicated and heated case is just one example of our firm’s efforts to crack the shield of immunity enjoyed by caseworkers and their supervisors that have allowed them to flaunt the guidelines and checklists established by the legislature to protect not only the children but parental rights as well. We never slow down when on the case, especially when parents and their children are affected by the wrongdoing of bad actors. We look forward to helping these parents take justified action against the fraudster.

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