Price V. Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc., et al.

BERNALILLO COUNTY, NEW MEXICO - This lawsuit involves the unintended discharge (drop fire) of a Taurus PT140 Millennium Pro .40. On the evening of November 24, 2009, Mrs. Price took her family dog for a walk around the neighborhood. At the time, she was wearing a “Smart Carry” concealment holster carrying the subject Taurus PT140 Millennium Pro underneath her fleece shirt. It was Mrs. Price’s routine practice to carry the subject handgun in this manner. After returning from the walk, Mrs. Price entered her bedroom closet to remove her shirt at which time the “Smart Carry” holster and the subject Taurus PT140 handgun fell to the closet floor and were discharged upon impact. The bullet struck Mrs. Price in the lower abdomen, inflicting severe and permanent injuries. The “striker block” safety mechanism in the subject Taurus PT140, should have been engaged, which would have prevented the subject handgun from firing in the case of an accidental drop. The “striker block” safety is designed to be engaged at all times, up until the trigger is pulled, and its purpose is to prevent just such a “drop fire”. As a result of this incident, Mrs. Price has had to undergo lengthy and extensive surgical treatment and has suffered from post­ surgical complications.