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What Causes So Many Truck Accidents?

Several trucks are on the road, and unfortunately, crashes can occur. Before we get into some of the more common causes, we would like to acknowledge that many truck accidents are the result of passenger vehicle drivers. However, when truck drivers are negligent, they can cause others to suffer catastrophic injuries.

In the trucking industry, negligence exists in numerous situations. It’s vital to recognize how a truck driver or the trucking company can cause harm. If you suffer injuries, you deserve to seek compensation, and our firm will be there to help prove causation on your behalf.

Some common truck accident causes include:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driver distractions
  • Ignoring weight restrictions
  • Maintenance issues

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Truck Driver Fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the trucking industry to prevent negligence on the road. One of the regulations limits how many hours a driver can work before they must take a break and how long they must stay off duty before their next shift. Unfortunately, operating beyond the Hours of Service regulations can lead to a severe crash.

A fatigued truck driver may swerve over lines into multiple lanes. Any vehicles around the large commercial truck may be in danger of a significant crash.

Driving Under the Influence

Commercial truck drivers have the same obligation to avoid driving under the influence as any other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, problems can arise, and truck drivers may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If this happens, the truck driver can cause a severe accident and the catastrophic harm that may come with it.

Driver Distractions

It’s easy for a commercial truck driver to have the same distractions that any other driver would have. Cell phones, rubbernecking, loud music, and more can make truck drivers very dangerous. Distractions can take a driver’s focus off the road for many seconds, often enough to cause a catastrophic crash.

Ignoring Weight Restrictions

The trucking industry must also abide by regulations regarding the weight of the truck and trailer. Trucks must also be loaded evenly to avoid serious accidents. If a truck is too heavy or unevenly distributed, it can overturn or otherwise lead to problems. Here are some of the problems that can arise when the trucking industry ignores cargo restrictions:

  • Uneven trucks can turn over because of heavy winds or sharp turns.
  • Heavy trailers can detach from the truck and crash into vehicles behind the truck.
  • A heavy trailer can prevent a large truck from stopping in time when approaching traffic.

Maintenance Issues

Trucking companies and drivers must make sure that they take care of the trucks in the fleet. Checking brakes, engines, steering systems, and more can help keep everyone on the road safe. Maintenance is a requirement for the trucking industry, as a defect can cause some of the worst collisions.

As we stated, we’re aware that many truck accidents occur because of drivers in small passenger vehicles. However, truck drivers can cause more damage. If a truck driver is negligent and crashes into a smaller passenger vehicle, those in the smaller vehicle can suffer lifelong or even life-threatening injuries. It’s vital to seek compensation.

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