All About Attorney Amanda Luker

Amanda Luker headshotAttorney Amanda Luker recently rejoined the Alexander City office of Morris Haynes, bringing with her a unique set of skills and a passion for helping those who have been wrongfully injured.

Who is Amanda Luker?

Amanda is a Coosa County native who interestingly enough began her journey to becoming an attorney at the Morris Haynes Alexander City office in 2007. At that time, however, she was not practicing law but serving as a runner for the firm. Still, it was this initial exposure to the legal world that sparked her interest in law. In fact, Amanda enjoyed the work that the firm did so much that she decided to also clerk at Morris Haynes while in Law School at the University of Alabama.

Services and Experience

Amanda is experienced in many areas of law but has focused her practice on litigating cases involving medical malpractice, defective products, and other complex matters. She has a special appreciation for the discovery portion of litigation, which has led to her having a hand in an extensive list of notable cases. Amanda believes that meeting witnesses, interviewing, and finding out what really happened to her clients is one of the most important parts of her job. She is willing to take the extra time to ensure that her clients receive the answers and justice they deserve.

How to Contact

If you would like to contact Amanda Luker for more information about her experience or services, you can reach her at the Morris Haynes Alexander City office at (205) 973-6915