Gun Maker Taurus Under Fire Again

After settling its 2013 class-action suit, Taurus claimed the company was ready to rebuild its credibility. However, the company finds itself under fire yet again as another model firearm has been alleged to be defective.

What Happened Then?

In 2013 Morris Haynes filed a class-action lawsuit against Taurus after a deputy sheriff’s firearm, a Taurus Model PT-140PRO, was unintentionally discharged after falling out of its holster and hitting the ground. This incident demonstrated that Taurus had manufactured millions of guns that could fire when dropped, which of course could cause a lawful gun owner to be injured or killed.

As a result of the class action, Taurus agreed to repair and/or replace any affected guns and provide safety instructions. The company was not required to admit that any of its firearms were defective.

The 2013 settlement covers the following Taurus pistols:

  • PT-111 Millennium
  • PT-132 Millennium
  • PT-138 Millennium
  • PT-140 Millennium
  • PT-145 Millennium
  • PT-745 Millennium
  • PT- 609
  • PT-640
  • PT-24/7

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What’s Happening Now?

Morris Haynes has filed a new class action against the manufacturer after a Taurus TCP 738 exploded while being fired at a gun range. The individual firing the pistol used appropriate safety precautions. During the firing event, the slide broke in half and a portion of the slide struck the client in the face.

When the slide of a pistol breaks while firing the pieces of the gun become dangerous projectiles. If the projectiles strike the shooter or any bystanders it could result in severe injuries or even death.

The recently filed lawsuit covers the following Taurus pistols:

  • Taurus TCP 738
  • Taurus TCP 732

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How to Contact

At Morris Haynes, we believe in our Second Amendment right as Americans to keep and bear arms. However, law-abiding gun owners should be allowed to do so safely.

Though the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S. CPSC) requires safety standards for every product sold in the United States from children’s clothing to household appliances, guns are one of the only products not subject to safety requirements and safety testing by the U.S. CPSC.

So, it is the responsibility of the gun manufacturer to ensure that its firearms have proper safety devices, such as trigger safeties, to protect against unintentional discharge, and to make sure component parts don’t fail when the firearm is being used properly.

If you would like to learn more about either of these class actions or have specific questions please contact Attorneys Todd Wheeles or Matt Garmon at Morris Haynes’ Birmingham office at (205) 973-6915